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Geneva Church to Show Documentaries For Friday Flick

UUSG Shows "Culture of Fear"

Culture of Fear This month we offer 2 short documentaries on fear in our society today. Whether conservative or progressive, we are inundated with stories and messages that play on our emotions. A Virus Called Fear Rational fear can be a valuable cerebral response. It can protect us from harm and render a positive influence on some of our most consequential decisions. But it can also be used as a weapon and strangle our ability to interpret the world around us from a clear perspective. Are we born with fear? Or is it a mechanism we develop over time based on our experiences? There's no doubt that a healthy amount of fear is essential in sharpening our survival instincts, but it can also lead to unfounded paranoia, irrational superstitions and a destructive us-versus-them mindset. Culture of Fear This documentary looks at the epidemic of fear in our society, from child predators to immigrants and from flu pandemic to terrorism. It features interviews with Dr. Noam Chomsky, a renowned linguist, human behaviorist, and political activist; US House Representative Dennis Kucinich, once US presidential candidate; and other experts offering an in-depth exploration of the culture of fear. Culture of Fear is a term used by certain scholars, writers, journalists and politicians who believe that some in society incite fear in the general public to achieve political goals. Please plan on joining us in the Common Room as continue our series of films on topics of Social Justice. The film is part of the fourth-Friday Film program that is sponsored by the Social Justice Team of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva and is free to the public. The public is encouraged to register at to receive email notices of future programs. About UUSG The Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva, established in 1842 and the oldest church in Geneva, is a diverse, welcoming community that endeavors to make its Covenant a living reality. We provide religious education and opportunities for spiritual growth. We encourage individual and mutual responsibility as together we work to be a liberal religious voice in the community and a force for compassionate social justice. For more information, visit

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March 23, 2018


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