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Neighbors of Kane County

Fox River Lawn Care, LLC

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Founded 2010

Fox River Lawn Care, LLC was started by David Prinzi in 2010 after working in the lawn care industry for over 8 years. David worked for a few different lawn care companies and found that the customers weren’t treated like customers but rather as numbers. The focus of Fox River Lawn Care is to make sure that the customer is treated right and not like a number. Fox River Lawn Care guarantees everything they do, with the exception of seeding services. David has the mentality that the job should be done right the first time and if the customer is not satisfied then Fox River Lawn Care will happily to what it take to make it right. Fox River Lawn Care will do whatever it takes to meet its customers’ needs.

Fox River Lawn Care has an extensive liability insurance policy and is licensed by the State of Illinois to apply fertilizer and pesticides to consumer lawns. Fox River Lawn Care has customers all over the Fox Valley area. Come join the Fox River Lawn Care Family today!!

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