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Wellness Within of Fox Valley

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115 Campbell Street
Ste. 201 A
Geneva, IL 60134

(630) 463-9070

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Business Hours

6:00 am 6:00 am

Founded 2018

Wellness Within of Fox Valley is dedicated to providing an integrated lens of holistic-based mental health treatment for those seeking a whole-person approach to building resilience.

What is Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy? Individual Therapy works when you are seen, heard and understood. Yoga listens for the story that the body wants to tell. As someone who has personally and professionally delved into both for nearly two decades, I’m constantly amazed at the overlap and power of combining the two.

Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy brings two worlds together; the western conceptualization and Transdiagnostic practices of treatment for those who suffer from mental health concerns, and the 2,500-year-old living tradition of yoga that seeks to illuminate the self.

Within the course of psychotherapy, interventions will focus on breath, practice mindfulness and meditation, even gentle yoga poses will be incorporated. This combination works to improve stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms, moving a client towards wellbeing.

This work will increase your capacity to be present to an expanded range of both distress and joy, giving you deeper access to life. It will also improve your connection between your mind and body and train your central nervous system to organically move towards balance.