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Personal Coaching for Results

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Founded 2017

I coach for results, my expertise is in assisting you in goal setting and goal achievement whether it is in career coaching, sales coaching or personal work life balance.

I am a dedicated certified Career Coach leveraging my senior executive leadership experience and skills to help you grow in your career, find a rewarding new job (in the shortest amount of time possible) that is satisfying and well paid, prepare for job interviews, explore career options, and increase your leadership and networking skills. I will show you how to navigate LinkedIn to maximize your exposure to the right connections. My services include review of your LinkedIn profile and resume. Contact me to help you develop your long-term career vision and the pathway to reach a meaningful life and career.

My expertise as an decision-making business leader and hiring manager in several industries including finance, healthcare, software, hardware, retail, ecommerce and more gives me great breadth in helping my clients achieve their personal and career goals.

I've managed million dollar sales reps and large sales teams to produce double digit sales increases consistently year after year. Utilizing these skills as a Sales Coach, I coach for results and help you define goals and strategies for success, execute proper habits to stay on task and create action plans, develop sales skills, and define the proper motivations that are necessary to sustain optimum achievement. I am a certified solutions selling trainer and have trained national, regional and small business sales forces.