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Neighbors of Kane County

Postal Annex

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I have to say, Postal Annex in Batavia is great! Owner, Carole Wolff, goes above and beyond. She has created a wonderful addition to Batavia for small businesses. She offers full package service for FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS. In addition, she offers PO box service that includes free fax. Not to mention those of you who need a physical delivery address for your business; I was paying a $120 a month just for that service alone.Oh, did I mention they also have Penske truck/van rental for those last minute p/u & deliveries. They even have Notary service. But what really caught my eye was the wonderful collection of old fashion wooden toys that have become so hard to find.What a wonder eclectic little shop. To all the small business owners out there #SupportSmallBusiness Like Carole says " it's like having your own personal assistant." Conveniantly located next to Jewel/Osco on Randal Road.

Service on Jan 07

They gave us the incorrect form to renew passport and stated there is nothing they can do about it and didn't take responsibility for it.

Service on Feb 12