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Felicia Raschke

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I am participating in the Fox River Arts Ramble this April 21!!! I am #36 on the map!

I am accredited to teach art K-12 in several US states. Large scale abstract paintings are my strongest means of self expression. As well as smaller artwork on paper and mixed media collages.

I've often said to my elementary students that artists are scientists who enjoy experimentation. My works are open to interpretation and may reflect all that my heart has absorbed. I, as well, prefer to meditate upon peaceful images which soothe this beleaguered life. My paintings are enormous in scale and I challenge myself to work within boundaries until a work is complete. My studio has wonderful windows to enhance my thirst for sunshine which helps my muse to blossom moving me easily through brushstrokes to completion. I often discover that my favorite paintings came from an 'oblivious to the world' style of concentration.

click on the link to my website up above on the pink painting!!

See me on instagram- feliciaraschke_art


I purchased a painting from Felicia last year, and we couldn't be happier. She's a great artist and the experience was great. The addition of the painting to our living room really brought our decor in to the 20th century.

Service on Jul 06

Felicia Raschke is an extraordinary artist who brings power and beauty to her work whether in photography or paint. Using a mix of materials, her works range from delicacy to powerful, bold strokes of color allowing the client to interpret each work within their own experience. Raschke's use of size and proportion in her art work allows the client to purchase pieces customized for space and maximum appreciation whether for the home of office. Be sure to look for this exceptional artist at the Fox River Arts Ramble in April!

Submitted on March 30, 2018

The thing I liked best about the painting we purchased from Felicia Raschke is the great sense of movement that her brush strokes evoke on the canvas. The painting feels like a living, breathing presence on our wall. That's really what attracted me to her style, and I've been very pleased with the compliments I've received from neighbors and friends who can see the dynamism there, too. California has a lot of very good artists, but I don't regret going with one of Ms. Raschke's works. The whole transaction was easy, and I would do it again. We wish you continued success, Felicia!

Submitted on April 03, 2018