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Change-A Powerful Elixir

This last year was filled with opportunities. Yes, there were moments where the conditions were favorable to use time to attain goals that were not yet completed. Therefore, hardware stores, remodelers, and do-it-yourselfers have had time to complete postponed projects. People in the trades of remodeling have found that their schedules are busier than expected. It is not surprising that this issue of TriCities Magazine is focusing on home remodeling and design.

Many of us were very restricted in 2020 because we couldn’t travel, couldn’t eat out, and generally couldn’t follow our routine way of living compared to what was experienced in 2019. The activities of daily living changed very quickly without any notice or opportunity to pre-plan for the events of life under COVID-19. We did not think at the time that we would be living under the canopy of the virus for more than a year. We still are living with many restrictions without a precise ending date in sight.

In our retreat to a different way of life, we have discovered that we are resilient when life becomes more difficult. What are some of the lessons we have learned? We have learned that we can live together in a family unit and overcome challenges created by the amount of time we now spend together.

This extra time has provided us the opportunity to listen more to each other. It has also created opportunities to explore the talents and creative energy of the people who are most important to us. Not surprisingly we have also learned to use technology many of us were not using fully only one year ago. Zoom is one example of technology that has brought us in contact with others although many still are waiting to get back to hugging, holding, and feeling the touch of others. This has been one of the most difficult restrictions for grandparents with their grandchildren and children with their aging parents. Zoom has eased some of the burden of this separation but doesn’t completely replace the contact with others of which we are still deprived.

There is an instinctive way that we cope with change and this returns us to the topic of this issue of home remodeling and design. We have been forced to live under rather stringent conditions over this last year. Living in our homes, we have had the opportunity to make changes that give us an uplifting feeling. We create our own change and thus we regain control over our environment. We allow ourselves the opportunity to feel better by actively making improvements that we have wanted to accomplish in the past.

It can be as small as a change of water faucets or a splash of paint on one wall or to go as far as the complete remodel of a room or a basement area. Whether we just add slip covers to the pillows on our sofa or add lights to the outside landscaping of our yard, we actively pursue making positive change to the environment in which we live. Isn’t it great to have the power to change our surroundings and have control over some part of our lives? This itself makes us feel good. Here is a cheer to Home Remodeling and Design!

Contributed by Scott Lebin