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Elderday Center New Home of Seniors Helping Seniors Fox Valley

The protection of the health and well-being of our seniors is more important than ever. As this population continues to thrive into their eighties, nineties, and beyond, their need for safe and reliable care grows. The Fox Valley is fortunate to have a new partnership between two organizations offering superior senior care, Elderday Center, and Seniors Helping Seniors of Fox Valley. Elderday Center, a non-profit 501(c)3 adult day care program, has purchased Seniors Helping Seniors of Fox Valley, a for-profit, non-medical in-home care. The purchase of the two Batavia-based organizations was finalized on April 1.

While the ownership of a for-profit organization by a non-profit organization is certainly unique, Elderday Center and Seniors Helping Seniors of Fox Valley share the same goals of meeting the needs of seniors who require special attention whether in a daycare community or at home. Their similar philosophies and proven commitment to seniors make for new avenues of opportunity now and in the future.

“I am excited about the synergy between Elderday Center and Seniors Helping Seniors of Fox Valley,” says Executive Director Michael Cobb. “We are now in a position to provide comprehensive non-medical in-home service with compassion to our senior members throughout the Fox Valley Corridor and are looking forward to continuing to offer exclusive comprehensive service with compassion to our Elderday members.” Elderday Center members will be able to have both Therapeutic Day Care at Elderday and in-home care with Seniors Helping Seniors of Fox Valley. Members and their families will enjoy continuity of care by organizations that are trusted and recommended by clients and their families.

Caroline Olinger, Agency Manager and former owner of Seniors Helping Seniors of Fox Valley, shares Cobb’s enthusiasm: “This is a win/win for all of us. Members and families can now develop a complete care plan for transitioning from daycare to in-home care when they need it.”

Elderday Center, founded in 1990, creates a half-day and a full-day therapeutic program for its members. Daily activities and frequent outings are scheduled. Lunch is served in both programs. Seniors Helping Seniors of Fox Valley has been providing non-medical services at home to seniors since 2015, including meal preparation, errands, rides to medical appointments, laundry, and more.

In this age of COVID-19, extra protections, of course, are in place to protect the health of clients and staff. In that regard, Elderday Center and Seniors Helping Seniors of Fox Valley follow CDC guidelines. Elderday Center is now open, with a re-fitting of their space for social distancing and other precautions. The first priority is everyone’s safety.

Seniors interested in joining Elderday Center may contact them at (630) 761-9750 or

Seniors Helping Seniors may be reached at (630) 937-4246 or