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Water Street Studios has plenty of things for kids this summer

Jun 08, 2020 02:22PM ● By Cassidy Newberry
Looking for something your kids can do at home? Make summer more creative with our new, week-long online summer camps. Perfect for kids to do with a parent or on their own.

Water Street Studios is offering the following virtual summer camps for kids ages 6-12: 

Famous Artists
Fun w/a side of Gaugin. This virtual camp is a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn about, and create art inspired by a diverse range of famous artists - O'Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Mondrian, and more.
Begins Mon., June 15

Journey Through Art
Have an art adventure online. On your journey of imagination, explore uncharted islands, spend the night in a cave, encounter strange birds, and so much more. Record your “travels” in your own handcrafted sketchbook.
Begins Mon., June 22

3D Art Camp
Create amazing 3D projects using simple materials, ingenuity, and a lot of creativity. Imagine and create an Alebrije Face Mask (a fantastical creature from Mexican Folklore). Construct a ‘selfie’ tin foil gesture study, a family of foxes, and a fun kite rocket. 
Begins Mon., July 13

Paper Palooza
Get ready for fun mornings of color, texture, pattern, layering, and more. Use painted papers to create beautiful flowers. Tear, cut, glue, and print paper to make a fish print. There are so many unique paper projects in this engaging online camp! 
Begins Mon., July 20

For more information on Water Street Studios and the virtual summer camps visit