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June 14 Flag Day Event In Batavia Cancelled

Jun 04, 2020 07:14PM ● By Cassidy Newberry
The Batavia Flag Day Committee has announced the cancellation of the annual Batavia Flag Day Event on the Riverwalk, previously scheduled for Sunday, June 14, due to Covid-19 pandemic concerns and state guidelines for crowds.

The Flag Day Committee and the City of Batavia would still like citizens to enjoy and celebrate Flag Day on June 14, a day that is very important to Batavians. Dr. Bernard Cigrand, a Batavia dentist for decades who is nationally considered the Father of Flag Day, spent his life teaching others about the American flag and its history. To honor him, all Batavians are encouraged to do the following:

--Create colorful red, white and blue sidewalk chalk art drawings
--Hang a flag outside or put up a picture of a flag in your window
--Walk or drive around Batavia on Sunday afternoon, June 14, to see how many flags you can count
--Talk with neighbors on your block to participate in the Hamlet Street Challenge

*The neighbors on Hamlet Street for years have decorated their block between Franklin Street
and Church Street with flags on Flag Day; please drive by and check it out…or better yet, create your own block display with your neighbors using red, white and blue colors and flags. 

--Come to City Hall on Saturday morning, June 13, between 9:00 am-12:00 pm to drive by a table where you can pick up a pair of small flags with a story about Dr. Cigrand

Troop 6 Scouts put out flags in people’s yards on patriotic holidays throughout the year. That is the true spirit of Dr. Cigrand at work.

After June 14, there will be a sign on the site next to City hall where the future Flag Day Monument, dedicated to Dr. Cigrand, will be built. Please visit the website of the Fox Valley Patriotic Organization ( to make a donation or buy a brick to help build this patriotic monument. Approximately 2/3 of the monies needed to build this monument have already been raised; please help show your patriotism and love for Batavia and Dr. Cigrand by donating to this beautiful tribute to our flag so that we can make this dream a reality in 2021.