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Experience the benefits of cutting-edge health promoting technologies at CryoPlus

TriCitiesCryoPlus Wellness invites you to experience the benefits of cutting-edge health promoting technologies. The wellness facility in Saint Charles is dedicated to helping you optimize, energize and transform your life through safe and non-invasive bio-hacking technologies such as Cryotherapy.

CryoPlus features the only true full body Cryotherapy chamber in Illinois, making each session safer and more effective. A 3 minute session of exposure to subzero temperature triggers a systemic response which promotes a myriad of healing benefits; some of which include decreasing inflammation, reducing pain, increasing energy and burning 400-600 calories per session. 

Other services include Cryoskin, an innovative machine from Paris, France. The slimming application helps clients lose 1/2 inch to 2 inches in a targeted area after 1 session. 

Gilda Valenzuela, founder, passionately says “We’re on a mission to help you feel better, live better, compete better and look better-with the ultimate goal of living life to the fullest.  Every single service CryoPlus has to offer has been thoroughly vetted with this in mind.  When you provide the proper elements and nutrients your body needs to greet modern life, the body and mind can heal and thrive.”

CryoPlus Wellness is located in WestTowne Shopping Center, 1980 W. Main St., St. Charles. Visit or call 630-549-0538.

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