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Learn about the Apollo Program, Bookfolding, Flower Arrangements and Storm Chasers at the Geneva Public Library

Jul 16, 2019 12:37PM ● By Hannah Ott

On July 23, 7-8pm, learn how to make "15 Minute Flower Arrangements" at the Geneva Public Library.

Geneva - The four programs below will be at the Geneva Public Library this month. Learn about something new from professionals while meeting friends from the community.

The Geneva Public Library is located at 127 James Street. Be sure to visit the library's website for more information or to check if you need to register. Call 630-232-0780 or visit

The Apollo Program to the Moon

July 17, 7-8:30pm

Hear Michelle Nichols discuss the development of Apollo, the science learned from the Moon landings, and the decisions made during and after Apollo. 

The Art of Bookfolding

July 18, 2-4pm

Learn how to recycle an old book into a creative work of art. 

15 Minute Flower Arrangements

July 23, 7-8pm

Learn how to use “what is at hand” to quickly and easily make stunning flower arrangements. 

Illinois Storm Chasers

July 30, 7-8pm

Hear Illinois Storm Chasers founders Danny Neal and Adam Lucio discuss local climatology, storm chasing and spotting.

Source: Laura Rush, Geneva Chamber of Commerce