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Residents of Aurora and Surrounding Areas Continue to Support Victims' Families and the Aurora Police Department

Feb 20, 2019 09:34AM ● By Hannah Ott
Aurora - On Friday, February 15 at 2:30pm the City of Aurora issued a warning about an area lockdown because of an active shooter near Highland and Prairie.

Aurora Police were on the scene at the Henry Pratt Company warehouse, and police from surrounding cities came to assist them immediately. By 3:00pm, the shooter was apprehended.

The area remained on lockdown while first responders and paramedics helped victims. Tragically, five of the victims: Trevor Wehner, Clayton Parks, Russell Beyer, Vicente Jaurez and Josh Pinkard did not survive the shooting.

Family members and loved ones of the victims have received an outpouring of sympathy through a Community Prayer Vigil and Community Fund. Residents of Aurora and surrounding communities came together to support them. People from across the country have shared their condolences, as well. 
The APD shared their appreciation for many cards, letters, pictures and tables filled with food, which they've received for their outstanding service.

Aurora Mayor Richard C. Irvin grieved with his community and country. "For so many years, we have seen similar situations throughout our nation and the horrible feeling that we get when we see it on the news. To experience it first-hand, is even more painful...It's a shame that mass shootings such as this have become commonplace in our country. It's a shame that a cold and heartless offender would be so selfish as to think he has the right to take an innocent life," he said.

The City of Aurora supported the Aurora Prayer Coalition, area churches, city officials and Greg Zanis' Crosses for Losses in holding a prayer vigil for the community. On Sunday, February 17, over 500 people came together at the Henry Pratt Company to pray and grieve, showing support for the victims, their families and officers who came to the scene fearlessly.

The City of Aurora has also launched a fund at for the victims' families. They write, "The #AuroraStrong Community Fund is officially administered by the City to relieve the extreme financial burdens families are experiencing during this difficult time." 

The fund raised over $150,000 in five days from 1,580 people, and the number of donors continues to grow. Many are writing words of hope to families as they overcome such a devastating loss. Many are also thanking officials who remained brave for their community. 

Amid the crisis, five officers were shot and another suffered a knee injury. They have all recovered as of today at 8:30am. The Aurora Police Department (APD) posted on their Facebook page, "We are so grateful to report that our last injured Officer from Friday’s incident has been released from the hospital and is home recovering with his family."

Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman thanked the police officers stating "Thank you for your selfless act. Thank you for running towards gunfire and putting your lives in danger to protect those inside the business," said Ziman.

The community will come together again to support them as well as the victims' families on Sunday, February 24 at the Aurora Strong Benefit Concert. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the grieving families and police officers who were wounded. 
To send a card, letter or gift, direct mail to Aurora Police Department, 1200 E. Indian Trl., Aurora, IL 60505

While the Aurora community continues to heal, Mayor Irvin reminds the public to stay hopeful. He affirmed "The City of Lights went dark for a period of time, but it will shine again."

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