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St. Charles Community Gives Back with Random Acts Matter for Random Acts of Kindness Week

Feb 15, 2019 08:37AM ● By Hannah Ott
St. Charles - Random Acts Matter (RAM) is currently hosting its second annual Random Acts of Kindness Week from now until February 17.

RAM is coordinating the outreach effort to engage the St. Charles community in performing random acts of kindness with the goal of sharing care and compassion.

Everyone was encouraged to participate, and everyone surely has. Volunteer lists have been continuously full since the week started on February 11. Individuals, students, businesses, coworkers, neighbors and church groups have all come together to "cover St. Charles in kindness," as RAM says.

Through random acts of kindness like sending "free smiles" and putting cookies out for sanitation workers, RAM seeks to inspire the community to do these small gestures all year round. They know even a small thank you note can become a big boost in someone's day.

Here is what the group has done this week to "Paint the Town Orange" with Random Acts of Kindness. This weekend volunteers will help spread cheer through these events:
  • Friday: Sharing a token of kindness with an inspirational thought attached to the staff and customers at Charlestowne Theatre
  • Saturday: Spreading health and sunshine by distributing 'Cuties' oranges and water at Norris Center and XSport Fitness
  • Sunday: Sharing kindness with neighbors at the St. Charles Public Library
Even though Random Acts of Kindness Week is coming to an end, RAM encourages the community to continue with its kindness.

Join the group through You can also share what acts you are doing to spread care and compassion this week and beyond. 

For questions, contact Paint the Town Orange chairperson, Michelle Buck or Jen Rothenberg

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