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Batavia Fire Department Achieves Class 1 Recognition

Feb 08, 2019 08:46AM ● By Hannah Ott

Batavia - State Fire Marshall Matt Perez visited the City of Batavia Fire Department to present the Insurance Services Online (ISO) Class 1 recognition. The Batavia Fire Department is proud to see this classification improvement. 

Throughout the United States, less than 0.01% of fire departments are a Class 1, and in Illinois only 20 are a Class 1. The classification is the result of a combination of three major factors:

  • Fire department preparedness
  • Water supply capabilities
  • Dispatching capabilities

The last evaluation was conducted five years ago. Since then, the Fire Department has grown, developed more auto and mutual aid with neighboring communities and has continually improved its equipment maintenance, training and skills in fire prevention and record keeping. 

The Water Department has increased its maintenance practices as well as capabilities of the water and hydrant systems. The department's dispatch center, TriCom, has also vastly improved their equipment and capabilities since its last review.

 Source: City of Batavia Government Offices,