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Neighbors of Kane County

Holmstad Residents Tutor HC Storm Elementary Students

Jan 22, 2019 01:01PM ● By Hannah Ott

Randy Johnson, a resident from The Holmstad, helps a child at HC Storm Elementary

Batavia - Randy Johnson, a resident at The Holmstad, looks forward to Friday mornings when, along with a group of his fellow residents, he rides in the community’s bus for transportation over to HC Storm Elementary school.

He’s joined by a group of his fellow residents to help kindergartners, first and second graders with their reading skills. The residents from The Holmstad go to HC Storm Elementary every Friday morning for hour-long sessions with the students. This is the third year the group has volunteered their time as part of the Bridges Program at the school.

“These students are so energetic and have so much potential,” said Johnson. “There is nothing more rewarding than working one-on-one with a youngster and seeing how much they improve from getting this added attention.”

HC Storm Elementary Principal Anne Paonessa appreciates having community partners providing more hands on deck when it comes to the added support of teaching students at the school. In particular, the intergenerational aspect of having older adults in the classroom.

“The group from The Holmstad have so much to offer our students and it’s wonderful seeing bridges being built between the generations,” said Paonessa.

“The kids really look forward to reading to another adult and those resident volunteers are contributing to our students’ success.”

The Bridges Program was initiated three years ago when the school sought out a partnership with residents at The Holmstad, which is only one mile away.

“Everyone at the school has been so accommodating and flexible with us volunteering there,” added Johnson. “I’ve worked with eight different children now and it’s great to develop a friendship with these young students.”

Source: Randy Eilts, Director of Public Relations 913-333-7877