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Neighbors of Kane County

Real Raptors: Owls, Falcons and Hawks to be shown at Geneva's Sunset Community Center

Jan 07, 2019 01:13PM ● By Hannah Ott

Geneva - Pre-register for Real Raptors, an active exhibition of owls, falcons and hawks coming to Sunset Community Center, 710 Western Ave., Geneva. The event will be presented by Peck Farm Park and Northern Illinois Raptor Rehab and Education Center.

On January 26, from 11-12pm or 1-2pm, see live raptors up-close and personal. Learn about the lives of the amazing creatures, how human activity can unknowingly harm them, what checks and balances are in place to protect them and what you can do to support the beautiful birds. 

Registration is $10 per person. Pre-registration is recommended:

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 


Source: Karen Kaplan