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Geneva Police Remind Drivers to Obey School Bus Laws

Nov 14, 2018 12:10PM ● By Hannah Ott

Geneva, IL - No matter how late a driver may be to work or an appointment, passing a stopped school bus is never a good solution.

School bus laws are designed to ensure children get to and from school safely. The Geneva Police Department urges residents to be extremely cautious when driving near school buses and to remember the rules of the road to avoid potential accidents.

Drivers are obligated to stop on a street or highway at least 20 feet from any school bus that is stopped and displaying flashing red warning lights. State law applies to drivers on:

  • Two-lane roadways: All motorists must come to a complete stop regardless of their driving lane.
  • Four-lane roadways: Drivers following the bus are required to stop. Cars approaching the bus from the opposite lanes of traffic should slow down but do not need to stop.

Any vehicles required to stop cannot proceed again until the bus resumes forward motion and the flashing red warning lights are turned off. Stop arms are an additional form of communication between bus drivers and motorists. However, the lack of a stop arm is never a reason to pass a school bus while the red warning lights are activated.

The penalty for first-time offenders is a three-month driver’s license suspension. A second conviction within five years could result in a one-year license suspension. Fines range from $150 for the initial offense to $500 for additional convictions.

The Geneva Police Department thanks residents for their cooperation in helping keep the City safe for students.


Source: Brian Maduzia, Police Commander 630-232-4736