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Fire Museum seeks to present commemorative badges to families of former Aurora Firefighters

Aurora, IL – The Aurora Regional Fire Museum seeks to present commemorative badges to former firefighters and their families.

In 2006, to celebrate the Aurora Fire Departments 150th Anniversary, a commemorative badge was designed and issued to all current firefighters and retirees, up to badge #548. The badge is a replica of the one worn by Aurora firefighters during the first half of the twentieth century, and include a number signifying each paid members seniority. Badges were presented to retirees and families of former firefighters on June 25, 2006. In the years since, the Aurora Fire Department and Aurora Regional Fire Museum have worked to deliver these badges to the families of the firefighters who faithfully served our City for so many years. 111 badges remain to be given out.

In 1875 Adam Schoeberlein joined the Aurora Fire Department. By the turn of the twentieth century he became one of the first of Aurora’s paid firefighters giving him the honor of having badge number one. Since then, a total of 636 paid firefighters have protected and served the citizens of Aurora. The following pages include a list of all of the 150th Anniversary commemorative badges still in the hands of the Aurora Regional Fire Museum. It is our hope, that over the next several months and year that these badges will make their way back to these families. If you see your name or a relative’s name, please contact the Museum to claim the badge.

“It is important to know where we come from and to remember each member of our families. By presenting these badges to families of former Aurora Firefighters, we hope we can help tell the story of the Aurora Fire Department for generations to come,” said Executive Director Brian Failing.

The Aurora Regional Fire Museum preserves the history of the Aurora Fire Department and fire service in our region through our collections and exhibits while educating visitors about fire safety and prevention. From humble beginnings to the Museum visitors know and love today, the Museum welcomes over 9,000 visitors annually for tours, programs, and events. For more information, contact Brian Failing, Executive Director, at 630-256-4141 or