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Neighbors of Kane County

Batavia and 18 other Illinois libraries join consortium

For the past 24 years, Batavia Public Library has been a part of the Library Integrated Network Consortium (LINC), which at various times was comprised of 8–10 libraries. Due to financial constraints, LINC can no longer afford to exist as a consortium.

Effective May 1, Batavia Public Library will become part of System Wide Automated Network (SWAN). The seven other LINC libraries, which include St. Charles and Geneva, are also joining SWAN. Several nearby MAGIC system libraries, including North Aurora, are joining as well. With an addition of 19 new libraries this year, the SWAN consortium will include 97 libraries.

Two big advantages to joining SWAN—Batavia Public Library cardholders will have access to a catalog that will offer a 729% increase in the number of items available, and Batavia cardholders will be able to visit any of the 97 SWAN libraries to check out materials and to pick up reserved materials if another location is more convenient.

Batavia Public Library cardholders can expect to see some changes; however, the basics of borrowing and placing holds on items will remain much the same.

SWAN Q & A for Batavia cardholders

Q. Will the catalog look different?

A. The catalog will look similar and have an option of expanding to many libraries’ holdings.

Q. Will there still be automatic renewals?

A. Yes! But instead of receiving one email for items that were renewed and another email for items that were not renewed, this information will arrive in one email, if multiple items are involved.

Q. How will I learn when materials I’ve reserved are available?

A. Hold notices will be available by text, email, or phone message. However, notices will not list details about the item. If a patron wants to know which of their items are available, they can check their account online, call the Library, or visit the Library.

Q. Will fines remain the same?

A. Daily fines will remain the same, but the fine caps per item will change. Most items will have a maximum fine of $4.20 (previously $5.00). New DVDs and video games will have a maximum fine of $42.00.

Q. Will I still get messages via Shoutbomb?

A. No, Shoutbomb itself will no longer be available. However, in SWAN text messaging is an available option for hold notifications, courtesy (pre-overdue) notices, first and second overdue notices, and billing notices. This service is not interactive, so you cannot renew or query via text.

Q. Does my current PIN remain the same?

A. Yes. Remember you can change your PIN whenever you like.

Q. Will the Library remain open during the transition?

A. Yes. There will be a three-day period, April 28–May 1, when self-check out machines will not be available for use and no returned materials will be removed from patron accounts. No items will be due during this period, so no fines will accrue. The system will modify due dates.