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Neighbors of Kane County

What are the benefits of maintaining your property?

By properly maintaining your property you will receive a multitude of benefits. These include: High property values, reduced crime and vandalism, renewed pride of ownership, and example setting for the neighborhood.

What can you do to take pride in your neighborhood and be a good neighbor?

  • Keep your lawn mowed and property clean.
  • Keep the exterior of your home, garage, fence or shed painted and in good repair.
  • Be sure your address number is posted well lit, 4 inches tall Arabic numerals and readable from the street with colors that contrast with the building. This is important should you need emergency personnel assistance.
  • Do not put your trash container out until the evening before pickup and remove container soon after pickup.
  • Make sure your vehicles have current license and registration and are capable of operating under its own motor power.
  • Trim your trees branches and shrubbery so they do not obstruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
  • Don’t allow your dogs to roam the neighbor or bark excessively.
  • Check the batteries in your smoke detectors.
  • If you are planning to do any remodeling or installing a pool, fence, shed, deck, driveway, roof, siding, doors and or windows (this is not an inclusive list), please check with the Building Division (630) 454-2700 for the required permits.
  • Garage sale signs must be placed on private property. Signs will be removed if they are placed on the parkways or utility poles.

Why Do We Need To Follow Codes?

Building codes are laws or ordinances adopted at the local or state level that set a minimum safety standard for the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Building codes regulate structural and fire safety; electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems; zoning and even energy conservation. The first and foremost reason the City enforces building codes is public safety. We also want to ensure the well being of properties in our jurisdiction by reducing the damage potential from fire and other hazards associated with substandard construction. Before beginning any building project, please contact the City of Batavia Building Division at (630) 454-2700 for information.