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Test your lawn sprinkler systems before starting up

Plumbing Code and state regulations require that your backflow preventer be tested annually, or when your lawn sprinkler system is put in service each spring.

Federal, state, and local regulations require every municipal water supplier to implement, and maintain a comprehensive Cross Connection Control program designed to safeguard the public water supply.

The contractor hired to administer and oversee your local backflow program is Aqua Backflow. They specialize in cross connection control management. If you have or require backflow protection, you will be notified by them for compliance (testing, repairs, installations, inspections, or surveys). Aqua Backflow can be reached at 847-742-2296 with any questions. Aqua Backflow does not test, install, or repair backflow preventers.

Remember that Connection Control programs are designed to safeguard public health.  We ask for your cooperation with our program, its enforcement, and any requests for information that come from Aqua Backflow or Utility staff.

If you decide you no longer want, or need, the irrigation system, you will be required to permanently disconnect the system from the public water supply. Without permanent disconnection, there are no guarantees the system will not be activated at some later date and the City would have no knowledge of the reactivation. A plumbing permit is required for inspection of the permanently disconnected system.