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Make your yard environmentally friendly

Are you looking at a way to make your yard more environmentally friendly & attract butterflies? If so then come to City Hall on Wednesday, April 11th, at 7pm to see the Conservation Foundation’s Conservation@Home program, which encourages and recognizes property owners that protect and/or create yards that are environmentally friendly and conserve water.

Whether you are starting from a grass lawn or have existing natural areas, the Conservation@Home program can help you make your yard more attractive to wildlife and retain precious rainwater by planting native vegetation, creating butterfly and rain gardens, using rain barrels and removing exotic species of plants.  The selection and use of native plants will help solve common yard problems such as wet spots, not enough variety of color, or grass won’t grow, etc.  In addition, yards with native landscaping reduce local flooding and clean pollution from rainwater before it reaches our rivers, lakes and ponds. Native planting can be incorporated into any landscape style and provides a healthier backyard environment for your family to enjoy.

Some of the topics to be covered in this program are rain barrels, rain gardens and native plants.  Rain barrels are simply large containers that capture rainwater at the end of your downspout, which you can then use to water plants, wash your car and further reduce your water bill while also reducing polluted runoff from getting to our rivers and streams! Rain gardens are shallow depressions planted with native plants that are accustomed to wet conditions. Native plants grow naturally and need no watering or fertilizers once established. Participants will receive a butterfly attraction and identification pamphlet, and native plant guide as well as a few other informational handouts. 

As a homeowner participating in Conservation @ Home, you can have a personal visit to your yard to offer specific advice. We have a number of helpful brochures, places to buy plants, as well as professional references to aid your project. Qualified participants can become a C@H member, earn a yard sign and one year membership to The Conservation Foundation for only $50.00.  Come to Batavia City Hall in the Council Chamber at 7pm to learn more, we hope to see you!