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Neighbors of Kane County

Meet a TriCities Artist: Richard DeVeau, Batavia

Nov 06, 2017 10:01AM

Photo: Tim Sullivan

Richard DeVeau – Batavia

As a writer and an artist, Richard DeVeau wondered if he would find another creative community to replace the one he left behind when he moved from Boston to Batavia 12 years ago.

“I really mourned for a while what I left back in Boston but I feel like I’ve gained it back probably fivefold,” DeVeau said. “Batavia loves the arts, they love what we’re doing here at Water Street. The Dempseys have been wonderful to this place.”

DeVeau works primarily with acrylics and he said color and texture have been the two underlying features in his work. He creates textured pieces using tar gel and multiple layers of paint, which he then scrapes at with steel wool.

“That’s a process I developed by experimenting, by seeing what happens,” DeVeau said. “As an artist – the same as a writer – you find you’re responding to the piece; there’s an interaction that goes on with painting. The painting will almost talk to you and tell you what it needs, if you’re listening and working.”

Richard DeVeau’s work is on display at Water Street Studios.