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Neighbors of Kane County

TriCites Magazine is here!

You may have recently received a new publication in the mail—the inaugural issue of TriCities Magazine from the publishers of Neighbors.  If you'd like to look through this first issue, double-click one of the small images above and the click left or right to go through the pages.

There’s something about the TriCities, BataviaGenevaStCharles. Individually, each has its own personality, and an almost fierce independence.  St. Charles is a self-proclaimed “city life” of nightlife, resorts and entertainment; Geneva holds it Swedish heritage dear, while protecting its destination boutique appeal; and Batavia proudly embraces its grassroots “hometown” appeal with a subcultural artists’ movement. 

Viewed together through a looking glass is an area rich in culture and art with musicians, painters, naturists, sculptors, photographers, historians, scientists, writers, architects and actors.  With venues for all.  To name a few:  Fermilab (Batavia), Arcada Theatre (St. Charles), Waterstreet Studios (Batavia), Fabyan Japanese Gardens (Geneva), the Fox River with inviting trails and green space along its shores…not to mention the dining, entertainment, and events that draw people to the TriCities throughout the year.  We think of Elgin Symphony (Elgin) and Paramount Theatre (Aurora) as our cultural “bookends,” but our focus will be the TriCities.

Included in the print issue of TriCities and here online at is a feature on two chefs, one from St. Charles and one from Batavia.  Our Geneva chef took ill and could not participate…we are keeping him in our prayers.  We also feature an artist from each of the TriCities.  

Our feature story is all about entering the holiday season with the right frame of mind…body…spirit.  Take care of yourself, and you will do a much better job of taking care of others in your life.

So, enjoy the TriCities, online, on the page and in life.  Expand your horizons, explore all the wonderful benefits of living in a special area that has so much to offer.

We will always welcome and appreciate your suggestions and comments. 

Tim and Kate Sullivan, Publishers