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Unsafe holiday traditions to avoid

Nov 01, 2017 08:30AM

The holiday season is steeped in traditions that originated in a world long before warning labels and fire safety commercials. They say ‘accidents happen’ but there are steps you can take to enjoy your beloved rituals without risking a home fire or your personal safety. Here are four potentially risky traditions, along with a few holiday safety tips, to keep your family out of harm’s way.

Candles and Christmas Light Safety

Flickering candlelight looks beautiful, but real candles should never be used on or near a Christmas tree (the earliest Christmas trees were illuminated by candles). Even Christmas lights can pose a fire safety problem. Frayed wires left unattended can overheat, turning a dry tree into a raging inferno in just seconds. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, home holiday decorations cause over 400 holiday fires each year.

Safety tip:  Only use electric lights that are rated for Christmas trees and tested by a recognized laboratory (you’ll usually find a sticker noting the laboratory’s approval on the cord), and keep your tree well watered to reduce flammability.

Fried Turkey

Crisp, fried turkey may taste delicious, but splattered hot oil can easily start a serious house fire or burn anyone nearby. In addition to the danger of splattering oil igniting flammable objects nearby, the oil itself can overheat and catch fire.

Safety tip: If fried turkey is part of your family’s Thanksgiving tradition, consider these fire safety tips: don’t overfill a fryer with oil (leave enough room to avoid spills when you add the turkey); and never put a frozen turkey directly in hot oil.

Roof-Top Holiday Decorations

Crawling onto the roof to string lights or set up Santa’s sleigh sends nearly 5,800 people to the hospital emergency room each year. Accidental falls from the roof or an unstable ladder can result in broken bones, concussions or even something worse.

Safety tip: If possible, avoid climbing onto the roof to set up holiday decor. If you must use a ladder, make sure it is securely positioned, and ask another adult to hold it for you. Children should never climb ladders.

Black Friday Door-Buster Shopping Stampedes

Scoring a door-buster deal on Black Friday is an annual tradition for many American shoppers. However, lining up and racing into a store right when it opens can be extremely dangerous. Every year, there are reports of people being trampled by over-eager shoppers.

Stay safe: Many stores are now staggering door-buster deals over several hours. Skip the stampede and arrive later in the day; no shopping savings are worth risking injury.