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The City of Batavia partnerships feed success

Sep 04, 2017 08:30AM ● By Ben Scott

Oktoberfest 2016 was a great success and promises to be a favorite festival. Photo by Tim Sullivan.

The City of Batavia collaborates with key partners in town to promote the civic, business and organizational interests of our communities. These partnerships include collaborative relationships with other government bodies as well as non-profit organizations focused on community service and economic development.

For example, Batavia Mainstreet has a mission is to enhance downtown Batavia’s identity. Through events that attract residents and visitors to downtown, the organization brings prospective customers to the business district, celebrates Batavia’s history and sense of community, encourages involvement and ‘sense of place’ and attracts sponsors who help provide these opportunities year round. The City of Batavia contributes expertise and support to make these initiatives a success. Batavia’s police, for example, help manage public events such as Cocktails in the Park and Oktoberfest where large crowds require security and monitoring for overall public safety.

Likewise the City of Batavia works closely with the Batavia Park District whose properties and events often share borders and needed resources to make them a success. The contiguous location of facilities such as the Peg Bond Center on the Riverwalk seem to make this a natural and easy relationship to sustain. But there is still a broad framework of behind-the-scenes scheduling and coordination that must take place between police, fire and public works personnel to help the park district make events such as Windmill City Fest a success.

Another frequent collaborative partner with the City of Batavia is the Batavia Chamber of Commerce, whose member businesses and organizations range from large enterprises such as hospitals and manufacturers to small businesses and startups. In these roles, the chamber works closely with the City of Batavia Economic Development team to help bring new businesses to town. The chamber keeps up with the pulse of the business community and the city works to deliver on the promise of making Batavia a beneficial environment for industry, retail, commercial and non-profit enterprises.

Just down the block from the park district sits the Batavia Public Library, whose mission to engage people through learning opportunities includes activities such as documenting the history of the windmills to lending resources to events such as Pechakucha, the popular “made in Batavia” idea factory where people share their passions, ideas and personal histories with all those who have an ear to hear. The city and library are now collaborating on tourism and education projects to be launched in 2018. These will coordinate with the efforts of Mainstreet, the chamber and the park district to make Batavia a “destination” city for travel and coordination with regional tourism bureaus.

Batavia’s Public Schools are one of the main reasons why new families choose to move to Batavia in the first place. The City of Batavia works closely with the school district on many fronts, from providing event security through the Batavia police department to conducting tours of government facilities when elementary school students visit to learn how government works, the City of Batavia views the relationship with our schools as a vital link in community service.

To that end, the City of Batavia and BATV work closely to televise public meetings, chronicle community events and provide opportunities to learn. The community news channel is based in a production facility in Batavia High School, providing valuable opportunities for high school and college aged students to gain experience in media and journalism.

This network of community partners is increasingly working together to improve quality of life in Batavia for its citizens, business and organizations.