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Sugar Grove Corn Boil Medallion has been found

Jul 24, 2017 08:43AM ● By Ben Scott

Noah Richards and his mother, Maggie Witz, have found the 10th Annual Corn Boil Medallion in the Forest Preserve on Hankes Road. According to Mrs. Witz, “Noah is very excited. He insisted that he be allowed to call Corn Boil president, Jackie Link, to assure her that he will definitely be at the opening ceremony on Friday, July 28, 2017.

The Medallion Committee hid the medallion prior to June 1, 2017 within Sugar Grove Township in Culver Forest Preserve on Hankes Road, just north of Galena Blvd . Noah Witz will be recognized during opening ceremonies and will be awarded a cash prize of $50 along with the 2017 Sugar Grove Corn Boil glass medallion.

Clues as to finding the Medallion’s whereabouts were available this year on the Sugar Grove Corn Boil website only: beginning on Thursday, June 8, 2017. One clue was placed every Thursday after that. The winner’s information is posted on the Corn Boil website. 

The Medallion is never hidden on private residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural property.  It is never hidden on a golf course, in a cemetery or on church property.  It is never buried, but it may be under something.  It is not located underwater or in a building.  It is not located in a hazardous area and tools are never required to locate it.