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Batavia—an invitation to engage

Jul 07, 2017 08:30AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Batavia as a community exists through the people who live, work and play here.

In that light, the City of Batavia is inviting residents, businesses and visitors to our community to become better informed and share in what this great place is all about.

So here’s an invitation. Join us as we create opportunities for everyone in Batavia to get informed and involved in our community. Here’s how:

Get the Batavia Weekly Update

Our first invitation is to sign up for the City of Batavia’s weekly email. This update contains some of the most important information about city activities, service notices, projects, decisions and current events in our community.

To sign up for the Batavia Weekly Update, visit our website at On the front page you’ll find a button labeled e-News and Notify Me. Click on that button and enter your email address. The Weekly Update is Batavia General City News.

You can choose to receive this information email.

Sign up for Community Alerts

On the same page you’ll also find opportunities to sign up for Community Alerts about severe weather, power outages and other critical emergency situations. You can receive these alerts via text, email, or both.

Jobs and contracts

If you’re in the market for contracts or work, you can also elect to receive alerts for Bid Postings and Job Openings. This information is found under the e-News and Notify button.

Community events

Community events such as Windmill City Fest or Cocktails in the Park are great ways to better enjoy life in Batavia. You can check the front page of the City of Batavia’s website where our news flash shows up and community event notices are shared, along with updates and/or breaking news.

Tap into the Batavia Calendar

Also under e-News and Notify Me, you can tap into the Batavia Calendar. The City of Batavia lists all its meetings on the city website. Sign up to receive text or email notices about any or all of these meetings or commissions:

• City Council & Committees

• Boards and Commissions

• Public Hearing Notices

• Service Schedule

• TIF district meetings

• Environmental Commission

• Fire Department

• Historic Preservation Commission

• Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals

• Bicycle Commission

• Tree Commission

• Administrative Adjudication Hearings

Easily get city agendas in advance

You can sign up to receive advance published Agendas on all committees at the City of Batavia. And remember, city meetings typically provide opportunities for community members to speak about or introduce items not contained on the agenda.

You can receive these alerts via email or text, or both.

Let’s get social: like our Facebook page 

Coming in June 2017: The City of Batavia will have its own page on Linkedin

The City of Batavia Facebook page is enjoying a new era in relevancy. While we still post meeting notices at we are now engaged in providing compelling content for our social media friends.

BataviaPlus blog explores new territory

As those of us who live here know, there are many incredible people who work, live and play in Batavia. To share their stories, the City of Batavia has added a blog titled BataviaPlus to its website.

You can find the blog on the far right side of the maroon Navigation bar on the front of the website. It is actually divided into three categories: REGIONAL, CITY PROFILES AND VOICES.

The Regional category covers topics that affect Batavia on a broad scale.

The City Profiles category will provide interviews on staff, administration and members of city government.

The Voices section will feature interviews with Batavia residents, interesting events and influential voices around town.

About the City of Batavia communications coordinator, Christopher Cudworth

In April of 2017, the City of Batavia hired its first-ever Communications Coordinator. The job description for the position includes managing the city’s website, social media, public information, FOIA requests, public relations and emergency communications.

The City of Batavia and government transparency

The City of Batavia is committed to open government. To make it easy for residents and stakeholders in Batavia to gain access to information about city activities, there is a button on the front page of the website through which residents, businesses and organizations can request information on any aspect of city business.

The City of Batavia posts access to agendas and minutes and other public information. This includes labor agreements, city codes and more. City budgets, compensation listings and annual financial reports are all also provided on the website, along with tax listings for property, sales, motor fuel, liquor and local utility.

Contact us

Finally, there is a Contact Us button that gives phone and email listings for city employees and Council members.

The City of Batavia welcomes feedback on our website. We are working toward even greater transparency and ease of use with the website, our social media and other channels. It is our objective to serve our community as openly and in as many ways as possible.

Printed versions of materials are available through a FOIA request, which can either be submitted online or in printed form.