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Neighbors of Kane County

The BPS101 Justice League

Jul 06, 2017 08:30AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Chris Narup (fourth from left) with his friends and new bike at the All Spoked Up bike shop in Batavia.

BPS101 students took this to heart when they learned that their mutual friend Chris Narup’s bike was stolen while he was working at Jewel.

As soon as the students—who are all neighbors—heard about the bike, they knew they had to take action. In less than one week, the students pooled $600 together, worked with the owners of the All Spoked Up bike shop who provided a generous discount, and had a brand new bike for Chris.

“If you know Chris, you know he has the biggest, most beautiful heart in the world,” said Jennifer Hager, whose sons, Blake, RMS sixth grader, and Drew, HCS third grader, are two of Chris’ friends who chipped in to make his new ride possible. “There’s no one more deserving. He is an amazing friend and role model to so many kids—and adults. He now has wheels again to get back and forth to work and to stop by to visit us. We are so proud of these boys for their big hearts and loyalty to their friend. I pray they continue on this path always, because they have so much to offer the world.”

Chris also has one of the biggest and brightest smiles on planet, and is a huge fan of Batman, Superman…and Godzilla. According to Chris’ friends, Chris is a lot like a superhero.

“He’s very caring and doesn’t worry about himself,” said Carter Meitzler, RMS sixth-grade student.

“Chris is an awesome mentor and a great person to look up to in life,” said Blake Hager, RMS sixth-grade student.

“It can be pouring down rain, with lightning and thunder at Jewel, and Chris is still pushing carts outside with a smile on his face,” said Drew Hager, HCS third-grade student.

“Everyone remembers him at Rotolo Middle School,” said Kristy Giesen, RMS Math Teacher. “He’s so kind and always has a smile on his face. He’s made such an impact.”

Chris, who is an alum of Louise White Elementary School, Rotolo Middle School, and Batavia High School, is now enrolled at Waubonsee Community College. He hopes to be a teacher’s assistant.

Thank you to Chris and Chris’ friends for inspiring so many to be better human beings. As Batman once said, “You are someone. You mean something.” And, you make the Justice League look tame.