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Batavia is a “Bike Friendly City”

Jul 06, 2017 08:30AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

The League of America Bicyclists has designated the City of Batavia as a Bike Friendly City. The ranking is based on an extended assessment of factors. These include:

• Total Bicycle Network Mileage to Total Road Network Mileage

• Bicycle Education in Schools

• Share of Transportation Budget Spent on Bicycling

• Bike Month and Bike to Work Events

• Active Bicycle Advocacy Group and Advisory Committee

• Bicycle Friendly Laws and Ordi­nances

• Current Bike Plan and Implementa­tion

The designation also measures factors such as engineering on the bicycle network and connectivity, encouragement and evaluation and planning.

The BFC Report Card has recom­mendations for Batavia to become a Silver Level Bike Friendly City. These include:

• Create an on-street bicycle network the complements existing trails in Batavia

• Continue building culture of col­laboration with local organizations and bike shops

• Work with law enforcement to monitor and manage both bicycle and motorist traffic law infractions

• Increase bicycle safety education

What does it mean for Batavia?

It means an increased awareness for everyone in the community to be alert for cyclists, but also for cyclists to respect and abide by laws intended for their safety.

The BFC desig­nation applies for four more years. If Batavia chooses, it can apply to upgrade its status earlier.

The Bicycle Commission

On July 20, 2009 the Batavia City Council created the Batavia Bicycle Commission. The City of Batavia Bicycle Plan (available on the city website) was originally written and approved by the city council in 2007. The plan contains many suggestions on how to make Batavia a safer and friendlier place for bicyclists.