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A new paradigm in healthcare

Apr 25, 2017 09:56AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Sue Nicholson

By Sue Nicholson

You asked for it: “I would like to have more energy”, “How can I avoid becoming a diabetic?”, “I just don’t know how to stick with healthy behaviors”, “I’m tired of taking medications to treat the side effects of my other medications” …and now it’s here!

My name is Sue Nicholson and I am the founder of Ideal You Health & Wellness, LLC. What if I told you I could help you to focus on and refine your goals, channel your personal strengths so you can create balance in your life, and increase your energy and mental clarity? You can learn how to adjust current health behaviors without reinventing yourself. 

Your healthcare provider has your best interests at heart, but we all know how busy a family practice can be. You would love to spend more time with your doctor during an office visit to gain insights and encouragement, but time constraints usually prevent it. A patient who feels rushed or fears disappointing his or her provider may avoid seeking care until they are sick, and in some cases – really sick. And, from there, “damage control” or crisis care consists of medications and procedures. Once you are on the chronic illness roller coaster, it is overwhelming- emotionally and financially, and it’s hard to break the cycle of behaviors that landed you there.

Working in a family practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner provided me with a great foundation for my practice and an understanding of the medical model of care, as well as an awareness of the healthcare needs of our community. During those years, I realized how much I enjoy getting to know my patients, and coordinating their care. It was always rewarding to invest in their goals and provide support.

So, with a calling and a desire to improve access to individualized and empowered healthcare, I started a business that would provide just that. A Health Coach certification allowed me to combine my experience and expertise to create a unique model of coaching that would produce sustainable, positive outcomes for my clients.

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy one-on-one coaching with a healthcare professional when you seek a clearer vision for improved energy and health, adding productive, happy years to your life?

My clients count on me to help them to explore strategies for change in mindset and physical health, with a focus is on the body as an integrated system.

Whether you are striving for improved nutrition, weight management, an exercise plan, or want to prevent disease, a small investment in yourself can result in a huge payoff. Just like a solid financial plan, the investment of time with a professional trained to understand and respond to your needs, can open the door to new options and strategies for long-term growth. During our partnership, I will respect your lifestyle, family values, and learning needs, and you will feel supported every step of the way.  Let’s take positive and life-changing steps together.

Suzanne Nicholson is advanced practice nurse, certified health coach, and founder of Ideal You Health & Wellness, LLC. She has lived and worked in the surrounding communities for the past 25 years, and has a strong commitment to empowering others to strive for good health. She also has a vision for improving, and enhancing the delivery of healthcare now and in to the future.