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Neighbors of Kane County

Geneva really does have it all

Feb 27, 2017 12:03PM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Photo: Tim Sullivan, Neighbors Magazines

Spring is on its way. You can almost smell it in the air. Flowers blooming, leaves returning, grass greening and oh yes, spring break.

Lucky for you, you live in Geneva and there are several options (most at little or no cost) to keep your family entertained all week.

Geneva Public Library has something happening almost daily. Book your date at And of course, there’s always catching up with a read, or two or three. When immersed in a good story, the travel possibilities are endless – without leaving your home.

Continuously informative are the exhibits at the Geneva History Museum (GHM). Visit the permanent exhibition “Geneva’s Story”, and chapter by chapter, discover our evolving community and Geneva’s history. Inside & Out: Geneva’s Faces, Places & Spaces is currently in the GHM’s feature gallery. An exhibition highlighting the people, who designed, constructed and lived in some of Geneva’s most interesting homes and buildings. Local architects share their viewpoints as well.

Geneva Park District’s (GPD) Peck Farm Park is overflowing with history, including the Peck House with a history gallery, welcome center and gift shop. GPD also offers trips, one-day programs and classes on anything and everything to sign up for. The full calendar can be found at

Don’t want to cook? From pubs and cafés to fine dining, take your pick in Geneva. Leave room for dessert at one of Geneva’s many sweet shops. With all the choices, traveling to a new country via your taste buds is not out of the question.

And with a week at home and some helpers, cleaning “house” and preparing for the ABC Geneva City-Wide Garage Sale held April 28 & 29 could actually be fun. What if there is a pot o’ gold at the end of the cleaning rainbow? Each family member is responsible for their things. Find it, clean it, price it and reap the profits. Or maybe the kids have a lemonade or donut stand at the sale. Remember, trash in your Attic, Basement and Closet is somebody else’s treasures. In order to be listed on the official list for distribution and on the website, sign up now at As a bonus you give back to your community. A portion of your registration fee goes towards costs of the award-winning Swedish Days Grand Parade.

Speaking of…did you know any organization can march in the parade in June? There is no cost, just a fun way to present who you are. Parade sign-ups are available now at

If you are at home during spring break, is there any place better to be than Geneva?