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Neighbors of Kane County

Geneva Police: do not leave vehicles running unattended

Dec 22, 2016 09:42AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

The Geneva Police Department is asking residents to not leave their cars unattended and running after two vehicles were reported stolen on the City’s west side the past several days.

The unlocked cars were reported stolen around 2:30am Dec. 18 in the 900 block of Lewis Road and around 3am Dec. 20 in the 200 block of West State Street.

A third unlocked vehicle, which was not running but had the keys left inside, was reported stolen around 7am Dec. 8 in the 1800 block of Belter Court.

The convenience of a warm car is welcomed during the winter, but it is also an invitation for thieves to steal a vehicle, which can be done in just a matter of seconds.

Geneva Police believe these incidents are crimes of opportunity and can be reduced with help from the community. Police are encouraging residents to use common sense and not leave their vehicles running unattended whether or not the doors are locked. Even if a car is locked, a window can be broken to gain entry into a running vehicle.