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2016 Batavia House Walk survey results

Sep 30, 2016 11:07AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

The historic Newton House.

The Batavia House Walk took place Sun., Sept. 25 between 11am–4pm. House walk participants toured four unique Batavia homes followed by tea at the historic Newton House and a cocktail hour at Water Street Studios.

Neighbors Magazines posted a survey asking participants to rate the homes and their experience on the Batavia House Walk. A detailed breakdown of the survey and a selection of respondent comments follows below.

Questions 1–4 asked house walk participants to give each holiday-themed home a rating between 1–5 stars. These are the weighted averages and respondent comments for each house:

325 North Batavia Ave.

Christmas—325 North Batavia Avenue

Average 4.63 Stars



“Simply stunning. I loved every detail about this home.”

“Gorgeous home. Loved the lighting.”

“This house was beautiful. Love the architecture and decorating.”

“House was Great! The line moved very slowly to get in, especially compared to the other houses. We really didn't see Christmas decorations but then, didn't need to as there were so many other things to see.”

“Lovely home - fantastic renovation!”

“Absolutely stunning home. Beautiful layout. The decorations were sparse, couldn't really tell it was "Christmas" house. But definitely enjoyed viewing this home.”

“Great house."

“What we saw of this house was great, but many rooms were closed or at least not shown to our group. The area with the original bedrooms and the door behind drywall was mentioned in the booklet, but not even pointed out or mentioned on tour. The over 25 minute wait because they had no "booties" was longer than the time inside. Those of us with socks offered to take off our shoes, but were told no. The holiday themes were not of interest to me, maybe others found them of interest.”

345 North Batavia Ave.

New Year’s Eve345 North Batavia Avenue

Average 4.29 Stars



“Very unique and unusual home. Fun to explore.”

“Absolutely stunning!”

“This house has a fascinating history and is just beautiful.”

“Interesting combination of old decor and modern conveniences.”

“Beautiful! Didn't see many decorations but didn't need to.”

“My personal favorite!”

“Did not get to see the day of the walk, but the designers Gatherings by Design are the best. They have been asked by Geneva to decorate a home in their Christmas walk 6 or 7 times already. We were lucky to have them in Batavia.”

“Beautiful home. Guides were fantastic.”

“So exciting to see a truly historic house and well preserved! There was a very short wait to go in and so much of interest to see and enjoy. No need of a holiday theme..the house had architecture & history to enjoy.”

512 North Ave.

Fourth of July—512 North Avenue

Average 4.07 Stars


“Enjoyed! Loved all their local artwork, too!”

“Appreciated the owners approach and really felt the home was "opened" to us. Absolutely amazed by how well done the addition was completed. This wasn't my favorite simply because I prefer to see older homes.”

“Beautiful backyard!”

“The in-law suite was well thought out and I loved the historical story of the road that used to go to Memorial Park.”

“Very nice that they shared their very personal home.”

“My favorite. Loved the in law suite. Like all of the Batavia art.”

“The flow of this house was very slow compared with other's homes. It was the only house where we had a lot of waiting. We ended up just taking our own look around and bypassed upstairs.”

“Wonderful transformation from single family home to extended family home.”


“Wait for this home was very long - stood in line outside for about 30 minutes. This was the only home with a wait. Didn't receive much history on the home, more just info on current residents. Loved the addition of the "mother in-law" quarters."

“The charm in the house made it a top one. So many well done but not overdone art works..Fantastic in law area! We did have to wait about 20 minutes to get in, but this was due to lack of room to let more in till others understandable... and none of the silly dirty booties required! No danger of slipping because of them. I assume the owner always has the flags displayed...?”

514 Main Street

Thanksgiving—514 Main Street

Average 4.13 Stars


“Loved seeing old come alive again!”

“Beautifully remodeled home.”

“Beautiful remodel.”

“Nicely updated and good use of space for small rooms.”

“I don't recall any decor in this home.”

“Beautifully done and nicely showcased a Batavia builder.”

“Could not tell it was Thanksgiving because the house was empty. Did like the master closet.”

“This is a BEAUTIFUL remodel but had no idea that was supposed to be Thanksgiving.”

“Great renovation of older home. Nice finishing touches.”

“No decor was permitted at this house per the owner's request.”

“Beautiful remodel. Lots of info on the history and the updates. Docents were fantastic.”

“Did not notice any Thanksgiving decor? Absolutely my very favorite home due to size and details.”

“Sorry ran out of time to see this one due to waiting times.....needed to get overdue lunch.. no way was I going to miss seeing the Newton House! Had to make a choice. Newton House is a true treasure...wish all the rooms had been open and upstairs... the woodwork and stained glass windows were of great interest. The staging was not needed.... some blocked the view of the rooms themselves. Especially the leather couch set up. Would love to see the whole place open again for an event to enjoy the house...”

Question 5 asked participants which holiday-themed decorating they liked the best. 44.44% chose the Fourth of July theme, followed by Christmas at 33.33%, New Year’s Eve at 16.67% and Thanksgiving at 5.56%.

Question 6 asked survey participants to rate their experience on the Batavia House Walk, from “Very positive” to “Very negative”. 66.67% of the 24 respondents rated the House walk as a “Very positive” experience, followed by a 25% “Somewhat positive” rating. Only 4.17% of respondents gave the House walk a “Neutral” or “Somewhat negative” rating, with 0% rating the House walk as a “Very negative” experience.

Finally, Question 7 asked how likely participants are to recommend Batavia’s House Walk to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0 (Not at all likely) to 10 (Extremely likely). 63% of respondents chose 9 or 10, indicating that they are extremely likely to recommend the House walk. 29% gave a more passive answer of 7-8, while 8% chose a number between 0-6, indicating that they are not likely to recommend the House walk.