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Batavia Library's "1000 Books Before Kindergarten" program encourages parents to read to their kids

Aug 30, 2016 11:34AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Beginning Sept. 9, Batavia Public Library cardholders with young children can join a new Library program that encourages and enables them to play an active role in their children’s very early education.

“1000 Books Before Kindergarten” is a popular program enthusiastically supported across the country. Its primary goal is to help parents boost their children’s learning potential in preparation for school. Does it sound like a competition? It’s not. The program is self-paced. There are no grades, but most likely there will be giggles! Parents can begin reading to their children at birth.

Does 1000 books sound intimidating? It shouldn’t. If parents read a book to their children every day, the goal would be reached in less than three years. Also consider that during special reading times—bedtime, naptime, and quiet time—parents probably read more than one book in a sitting.

What are the benefits of reading to your child?

1. Bonding time with your child

2. Your child’s vocabulary grows

3. Your child’s attention span grows

4. Your child learns about people, places, and things—from Rapunzel to rocket ships

5. Your child learns to identify emotions

6. Your child has fun

7. You have fun

How does it work?

Parents keep track on a special tracking bookmark of how many books are read to their children. After 100 books are read (repeats count!), parents return the bookmarks to the Library and pick up more bookmarks and continue reading. Little rewards are earned along the way.

Getting started

Parents who have Batavia Public Library cards are invited to the “1000 Books Before Kindergarten” kickoff event on either Fri., Sept. 9, or Sat., Sept. 10, from 10am to 12pm, in the Youth Services department. At 10am and 11am each day there will be a short presentation about the program, followed by time for questions and registration, while young children enjoy a story and early literacy toys.

Parents who cannot attend the kickoff can register in the Youth Services department beginning Sept. 9. Whenever parents register, they will receive a “1000 Books Before Kindergarten” folder, tracking bookmarks, and a list of suggested books. Children will receive an “I Joined 1000 Books Before Kindergarten” sticker.

Parents, share the fun!

If your child’s bedtime includes books, you’re well on your way. If grandma likes to cuddle with a child and read books when visiting, those books count! Books read by babysitters and older siblings and during Library storytimes count, too. Children learn that reading is an enjoyable activity while developing early literacy skills.