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The City of St. Charles will share the cost of your new parkway tree

Jul 27, 2016 09:30AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

It’s not fall yet, but residents of the City of St. Charles should plan now to take advantage of the City’s “50/50 Parkway Tree Planting Program” for the fall. Residents can request a new parkway tree and the City will help pay half the cost of the tree and plant it for you. Please note: Parkways must be reviewed and approved for planting by the Public Works Department before a tree order will be placed.

“Maintaining a diverse mix of trees is important to the overall vitality of our tree population,” said Public Works Manager A.J. Reineking. “We’ve reviewed our 50/50 program this year to further enhance the diversity of the City’s urban forest.”

Available tree species for fall 2016 and your cost:


·         Cherry Dogwood $115–Good under power lines

·         Allegheny Serviceberry $150–Good under power lines

·         China Snow Lilac $155–Good under power lines

·         Hybrid Elm $150

·         London Planetree $165

·         Bald Cypress $170

·         Red Oak  $170

·         Yellow Buckeye $175

·         Japanese Zeikova $185

·         Ginkgo $200

Larger size trees are available at an additional cost of $100 per ½ inch diameter upgrade. To request a review of your parkway, contact the Public Works Department at 630.377.4405 or email by August 15, 2016. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation letter, order form and details on how to order a tree.