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Geneva Arts Fair 2016 winners

Jul 26, 2016 12:02PM ● By Neighbors Magazines

The Geneva Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the 2016 Geneva Arts Fair Winners. Judging took place Saturday July 23 and winners each in 2D and 3D were awarded ribbons. 

2016 judges were Cecilia Hardacker (2D) and Tonya Hart (3D).

The Geneva Arts Fair took place July 23-24.  

Two Dimensional Winners:

Steve Nowatzki – Printmaking/Etching (Minneapolis, MN)

David Gilbertsen – Mixed Media/2D (Silver Lake, WI)

Will Connor - Photography (Nashville, TN)

Jeane Vogel – Photography (St. Louis MO)

Three Dimensional Winners:

Vinnie Sutherland – Other (Newaygo, MI)

Roberta Polfus – Ceramics (Oak Park, IL)

Mary Watson – Jewelry (Prospect Heights, IL)

Kirk Miller – Glass (North Palm Beach, FL)

The 2017 Geneva Arts Fair will held July 22-23. Please visit for information on the 2017 Arts Fair and other Chamber events.