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Neighbors of Kane County

Holy Cross evacuated due to visible smoke

Feb 08, 2016 02:35PM ● By Neighbors Magazines

According to a news release issued by the Batavia Fire Department, the visible smoke was caused by an overheatd motor on a large HVAC system.

The Batavia Fire Department responded to a report of visible smoke inside the building that was called in by employees in the lower level. Upon investigation, E-2 crew reported smoke in the lower level, getting heavier, and unable to find the source. 

As a precautionary and standard response measure, the school students were evacuated and the alarm was upgraded to a general response. 

Upon further investigation, fire crews found an overheated motor on a large HVAC system causing the source of the smoke. The HVAC unit was isolated, the lower level was vented, maintenance called for repairs, and the school was turned back over to the church and school staff. 

A public address was made to the teachers, helpers and children, explaining the cause of the problem, and commending them on the accountability and orderly evacuation of the building.