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Neighbors of Kane County

GAF Geneva idol karaoke tonight

Jan 18, 2016 01:43PM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Guests are welcome to just come for the entertainment or sign up to sing as an individual or a group. Those wishing to sign up to sing can do so by contacting Wendy Rothaar: (limited number of singing slots available). We will have 3 celebrity judges for the competition. Immediately following the event will be a live performance from "Hooked On Sonics," featuring rock and pop cover songs from the 80s and 90s. 

How does voting work?

You vote with dollars! GAF volunteers will be walking around with buckets during each singing performance.  If you wish to vote, you can drop in as many dollars as you'd like - each dollar is one vote (you can vote as often as you like for any or all contestants). 

Awards will be given to Best Individual and Best School Team.  We will also be having a "finish that tune" contest in between singers and will award prizes for that as well.  Lastly, we will have a raffle for a very special prize to be announced soon.

We strongly encourage school groups to join.  There is a coveted travelling trophy (currently with Harrison Street School) that you can proudly display throughout the year! 

Scores will be given for each singer or group by our celebrity judges. Those scores are added to audience votes to come up with a total. There will be two rounds.  Round 1 will be all 10 contestants.  Round 2 will be the top 3 contestants with the most votes.  The winner will be the person/group that gets the most votes in the 2nd round.

Our DJ has a vast library.  When you sign up to sing, you select TWO song choices -- your first round choice and second round choice (should you advance to the finals), thelps our DJ prepare for the night. 

Note: All table tickets include one free appetizer per table!