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Marmion students engage in high energy research

Dec 10, 2015 11:38AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Dr. Chris Stoughton of Fermilab with students from Marmion Academy chosen to participate in the QuarkNet Radio Telescope Project. (pictured left to right: Dr. Chris Stoughton, Lucas McDonald, Dave Carrano and Jonathon Groom; not pictured: Ryan Thornton and Keith Mokry).

QuarkNet, a national program sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy, creates professional development for high school teachers and engages high school students in high energy research and cosmic ray detection.

Marmion Academy students, under the direction of Physics teacher Danila Colosi-Carrano and in collaboration with project manager Dr. Chris Stoughton of Fermilab's Experimental Astrophysics Group, are detecting neutral hydrogen atoms through radio telescopes. The students involved in this year-round project are seniors Dave Carrano of Maple Park and Lucas McDonald of Batavia, juniors Jonathon Groom of Aurora and Ryan Thornton of St.Charles, and sophomore Keith Mokry of Somonauk. They will be responsible for designing and building a feed horn for data collection. An antenna will be deployed in the radiotelescope. From the antenna, the data will be amplified and transformed in to electrical signal to be sent to a computer for future analysis.