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Geneva Resident publishes memoir of baby boomer years

Dec 08, 2015 11:22AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

New author, LaRue Agresti highlights growing up in the city of Chicago as a baby boomer in her new book, Boomer Tales:  Hula Hoops, Hippies, Hemp and Hijinks.

As a girl, Agresti was a voracious writer until her mother read her diary when she was 14 years old. It wasn’t until 2005 when her sister gave her a series of old letters she had written during the seventies when they lived apart, that she was inspired to pick up the pen again. These hippie time capsule letters are in the core of Boomer Tales.

LaRue Agresti grew up in a wacky Italian family living on the northwest side during the 50s and 60s. The book relays her struggle as a child trying to make sense of her mother, who had undiagnosed psychiatric problems; how the family endured a series of moves; the Catholic school experience and an abundance of real-life cast of characters along the way. LaRue offers vivid pictures of the unique people, places and events that shaped her life, ultimately capturing a scintillating snapshot of the era.  

The story continues into the author’s teenage and young adult years, with the political and social counterculture as a backdrop. Continuing with her escaping the insanity at home by moving into her first apartment during the summer of 1967, her foray into getting high and relocating to the Florida Keys. As a hippie and single mother, LaRue overcame life’s obstacles and bizarre series of events thrown her way.

“I want young readers to truly experience the essence of our generation at that the time, what life was like and the profound social changes happening during that period. And for other baby boomers I hope you feel that your story is being told too,” concluded Agresti.

Boomer Tales:  Hula Hoops, Hippies, Hemp and Hijinks can be found on