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Neighbors of Kane County

How do you connect to your community?

Sep 30, 2015 10:56AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

Be entertained…Celebrate achievements…Get involved in your Downtown!

The heart of the Batavia community can be found flowing east and west from the banks of the Fox River. Downtown is the meeting place, the center for community members to gather and enjoy time together. This everyday space of parks, riverfront, plazas, streets, businesses and public buildings is transformed by Batavia MainStreet into a community event space featuring some of your favorite seasonal gatherings such as the Batavia Farmers Market, Downtown Egg Hop, Cocktails in the Park, Green Fair on the Fox, Taste of Batavia Block Party, BatFest, Art in Your Eye, Holiday Market and more. All of these downtown events are made successful with community-based participation at the center.

It is no secret that one of the Batavia’s best assets is the willingness of community members to get involved, volunteer, partner, and take responsibility for the prosperity, happiness, and wellbeing of their neighbors and local businesses. Batavia MainStreet greatly appreciates each and every downtown champion who devotes their time to our programs and events. Not only
is our community strengthened by our volunteers, but our volunteers benefit too! Volunteering connects you to the community in a way that just being a participant cannot do. It strengthens existing relationships and is one of the best ways to make new friends. Volunteering increases your social and relationship skills, it is good for your mind and body, it brings fun and  fulfillment to your life, and it can even benefit your family and career.

If you have a desire to make downtown Batavia 
the best it can be, please considering joining Batavia MainStreet and giving some of your time as a volunteer during an event or joining one of our many planning committees.

To learn more about the above opportunities, please contact the MainStreet office at 630-761-3528 or visit