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City of Batavia Currents

Sep 28, 2015 09:06AM ● By Neighbors Magazines
Fire hydrants to be flushed

The City of Batavia will be flushing fire hydrants during the months of September and October. Signs will be posted in neighborhoods during the flushing week as a reminder.

Hydrant Flushing WEST of the Fox River will take place during the weeks of:
Sept. 21–Sept. 25
Sept. 28–Oct. 2
Monday–Friday: 7am–3:30pm

Hydrant Flushing EAST of the Fox River will take place during the weeks of:
Oct. 5–Oct. 9
Oct. 12–Oct. 16
Monday–Friday: 7am–3:30pm

Citizens are reminded to check their water prior to washing any clothes since rusty water is possible. We regret any inconvenience to our customers while this work is in progress. Please call the Batavia Water Department at 630-454-2450 if you have any questions or to report any problems.

Helpful tips if your sewer backs up

If your residence experiences a sewer back-up, please consider these helpful tips. Call the city first at 630-454-2000. The problem might be in the city’s main line. Calling the city first could save you the price of hiring a private plumber. If the problem is in your own service line, the city can provide guidance in hiring a plumber. The city has emergency response personnel 24 hours per day.

Check your insurance policy to determine if you are covered for sanitary sewer back-up and/or sump pump failure. Many homeowners’ policies do not cover sewer back-ups or water damage unless you have purchased a special provision for this purpose.

If you experience a sewer back-up, follow these guidelines for repairs and clean-up.

Always call YOUR insurance company first to report 
any damage to your property or possessions.

The City of Batavia’s insurance company will make a determination if the city is responsible for damages caused by a sewer backup.

Contact numbers for the City of Batavia:
Water/Sewer Division—630-454-2450
Finance Dept.,Insurance Claim Questions630-454-2000

As a precaution—Be safe when working in flooded areas which might be contaminated. Go the city website and get “Cleaning Up After Flood and Sewer Overflows” from the Illinois Department of Public Health website for proper precautions. You will also find a copy of the city’s sewer back-up and cleaning policy on the website.

2015 leaf collection program starts Oct. 19

The City of Batavia offers a curbside collection program for residents who pay the monthly leaf/brush fee on their utility bill to dispose of their leaves. City crews use a specialized vacuum collection vehicle to collect the leaves. Residents are asked to avoid placing sticks, bags, and plastic bottles in their leaf piles, as this causes the equipment to break down and delays the process. After collection, leaves are taken to an agricultural site and tilled into the soil, so it is important to keep the leaf piles free of foreign objects. The intent of this program is to collect the majority of leaves residents may have during the time the program runs. We understand that some trees drop their leaves after the program has finished for the season, and those residents are encouraged to use alternate options. Ornamental grasses, plants, and corn stalks should be disposed of as yard waste.

The leaf collection program provides every resident with three collection opportunities, weather permitting. Please follow the guidelines below:
• Rake leaves to the space in the parkway no farther than 6' behind curb and not in street by 6am on the Monday of your scheduled week. Leaves will be collected in designated areas, rain or shine. Crews will not return to an area once they have made one pass during the scheduled weeks. If crews pass your home before your leaves are out, the leaves may not be
picked up for two more weeks.
• Per city ordinance, do not rake leaves into the street as this can create an unsafe driving surface and clogged storm drains, which can cause flooding. Raking leaves into a long wind row, rather than a large pile, will expedite the process. Please note that residents whose
homes back up to an alley must still place leaves in their front parkway.
• Do not pile your leaves around obstacles such as mailboxes, utility poles/boxes, hydrants, trees, and sign posts.
• Limbs/brush should be placed in a separate pile for collection and may not be combined with leaf piles, as this damages the equipment. Limbs/brush should only be placed at the curb if there is a scheduled collection.The final citywide BRUSH collection will be done the
week of Nov. 30 for both sides of town.
LEAF collections begin on Mondays at 6am according to the proposed schedule. Updates showing daily progress will be posted on the city’s website:

East side:
Oct. 19
Nov. 2
Nov. 16**

West side: 
Oct. 26
Nov. 9
Nov. 23

**Third pickup is tentative and will only be done weather permitting.

Although best efforts will be made to remain on schedule, the dates above may change due to the weather and volume of leaves put out for collection. Snow or freezing weather may significantly delay orpermanently halt curbside leaf collection. 

Alternate Options:
• If you wish to dispose of leaves between collection weeks, place them in generic yard waste bags WITH a refuse/yard waste sticker attached, and they will be picked up by Advanced Disposal through Sat.,Nov. 28, on your regular refuse collection date.
• Advanced Disposal will be picking up yard waste bags containing leaves only WITHOUT refuse/yard wastestickers during the month of December. This will be done on residents’ scheduled collection dates fromDec. 1–31. Loose leaves will not be collected, nor will 
leaves in plastic bags or cans.
• Use a mulching lawnmower to mulch leaves back into the lawn. This provides nutrients for the soil.
• Place leaves in and around plant beds and under trees and shrubs. Again, this provides good nutrients for thesoil and plants; it also insulates the plants. 

If you have any questions on the  leaf program, please 
call the Street Division of Batavia Public Works at 630-454-2400. Residents can also visit the city’s website at for the latest updates to the schedule and to view a progress map that is updated daily.

City of Batavia brush collection continues
Curbside residential brush pickup continues monthly through November (see schedule). Only City of Batavia single-family residents that pay the monthly leaf/brush fee on their utility bill are eligible for the curbside residential collection. Please have brush out no sooner than the weekend before your scheduled pickup to prevent possible code violation. Brush cannot be left
out on the parkway between collection dates. Keep in mind that crews can move through an area very quickly, and once they pass your address they will not return until the next scheduled pickup date. The amount of brush that has been placed out citywide dictates how
quickly your area will be reached, but each side of town is typically completed by Friday of the scheduledweek. Major storms may affect the pickup schedule. Unincorporated residents should contact their township offices regarding the brush collection services that may be available to them.

The following procedures must be followed to ensure the collection of your brush:
• Brush/limbs are to be at the curb for collection no later than 7am on Monday of your scheduled week
• Please note that the maximum diameter is 6" (logs cannot be split)
• Maximum length of limbs is 12'
• Stack brush in one large pile with the cut ends facing the curb away from trees, mailboxes, utility poles/ boxes, hydrants, and parked vehicles
• Brush should be placed in the front or side parkway and will not be collected from alleys or vacant lots
• Brush/limbs must not be tied, bundled, in containers, bagged, or in the street
• Do not place stumps, roots, landscape material, lumber, firewood, or foreign objects in pile
• Program is for residentially-generated brush only, not contractor removals or trimming.

For materials that do not meet the specifications:
Advanced Disposal will collect yard waste bags/32- gallon containers (not to exceed 50 pounds per bag/32-gallon container) consisting of twigs, evergreen clippings, roots, stumps, and plants on your regular trash collection day, through November. Any generic yard waste bag can be used, and a refuse/yard waste sticker should be affixed to the bag or can. Prepaid bags are no longer available. 32-gallon containers must be clearly marked “Yard Waste” on the front.
Residents with limbs/brush exceeding the requirements for the Residential Brush Collection
Program can contact a private service to have them removed at the resident’s expense.

2015 Residential Brush Collection Schedule

East Side Collection:

Oct. 12
Nov. 30 - Citywide

West Side Collection:
Oct. 19
Nov. 30 - Citywide

If your brush was out at 7 a.m. on Monday of your scheduled collection week and not collected by the end of the workday on Friday, please notify the Street Division no later than the following Monday. For missed brush calls received after Monday, collection will be
handled during the next monthly collection. If you have any questions, please call the Street
Division at 630-454-2400 weekdays from 7am–4pm or visit our website at