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TriCity Family Services Releases 2015-2016 Emotional Wellness Program Guide

Sep 15, 2015 10:38AM ● By Karen Kaplan

TriCity Family Services has released its 2015-2016 Emotional Wellness Program Guide, which includes classes, workshops, and support groups for all ages. 

Emotional wellness is the awareness, acceptance, and expression of thoughts and feelings through positive behaviors and healthy relationships.  It is not an end stage, but a continual process of change and growth that may involve seeking professional support.

At TCFS, we are proud to offer a range of emotional wellness programs for children, teens, adults, and seniors.  Programs are designed to provide education and support for a variety of issues people face in their day-to-day lives. 

Emotional Wellness Programs (formerly called Prevention and Early Intervention Programs) are open to all interested participants without screening, or with phone / in-person screening.  There is no mental health assessment conducted, no diagnosis given, and no treatment plan made.  Also, Emotional Wellness Programs are not insurance reimbursable.

Program offerings include:


Bridges Divorce Adjustment Workshop

This six-session workshop is for children, ages 7-11, struggling to cope with issues related to their parents’ separation and/or divorce. The workshop sessions include discussions and group activities that help children find answers to commonly asked questions, deal with the struggles of their changing families, and better understand their feelings in a safe and supportive environment. Parents attend the fifth group session with their child/children.

Chick Chat, a program developed by Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence, Inc. (HGNA)

Chick Chat by HGNA is a spectacular full-day retreat where 4th, 5th, and 6th grade girls can explore their interests, build stronger relationship skills, learn to make healthy decisions, enhance images of themselves as capable and competent individuals, and have fun – all within a safe and nurturing environment. Small group break-out sessions, yoga, and action-packed team-building challenges are designed to provide girls with inspiration, guidance, and perspective about their lives. Attend in all three grades to experience the full curriculum. This program is offered in collaboration with local school districts and the Geneva Coalition for Youth.

International Child Development Program

The ICDP is a series of parents’ interactive learning groups and related children’s activity groups that promote practical and effective strategies to enhance parent-child relationships, self-esteem, and self-control through routine, daily interactions

Project Self-Compassion (NEW!)

This new skill-building group is designed for high school girls interested in cultivating inner strength, improving emotional resiliency, increasing self-awareness, and learning how to better manage relationships. Supportive meetings will challenge participants to grow through activities and discussions. Parents attend the last session with the teens.

Smart Choices Kindergarten-5th Grade

Smart Choices Kindergarten-5th Grade is a four or six-session group workshop for children and their parents that teaches the necessary skills to effectively communicate needs, manage anger, and resolve conflicts at home, in the community, and at school. Child-friendly activities provide opportunities to practice using “I” statements, understanding other points of view, compromising and sharing, calming techniques, and responding to teasing.

Smart Choices Middle School-High School

Smart Choices Middle School/High School is a four-session workshop for teens and their parents that teaches participants conflict-resolution skills, anger-management tools, and alternatives to a potential cycle of violent behavior. In some cases, the program can be used as an alternative to school suspension.

For program dates, times, and locations, visit, or call our office at 630-232-1070.



Growing Together /Creciendo Juntos (NEW in Spring of 2016)

Join us for this new group designed to help Latino families achieve a greater sense of connectedness through the strengthening of communication, interactions, and parenting skills in an accepting and compassionate environment.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Group

This on-going group provides support for dealing with the unique challenges associated with being primary caregivers to grandchildren.

Family-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders: Parents Group (NEW!)

Support, skills-training, and empowerment for current, potential, and alumni parents of our FBT program. Receive an introduction to the program philosophy and ongoing parent-to-parent support for the issues faced throughout treatment and beyond.

Single Moms Group

Single moms often struggle to balance the many roles that have been thrust upon them.  The Single Moms group offers education and support to help single moms reduce their stress, manage multiple demands, develop better coping skills, and provide effective guidance for children.

Women United/Mujeres Unidas (NEW!)

This new, ongoing group provides support to Latina women encountering everyday stressors associated with the numerous roles they encompass, while working to increase their sense of belonging.

For support group dates, times, and locations, visit, or call our office at 630-232-1070.


About TriCity Family Services:

TriCity Family Services (TCFS) has been Kane County’s leading provider of counseling and other mental health services to clients of all ages and all income levels since 1967. 

Our experienced team of professional therapists provides the residents of central Kane County and other neighboring Chicagoland communities with counseling, Family-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders, emotional wellness workshops and support groups, and employee assistance programs.

As a community-based, non-profit agency, TCFS accepts most major insurance plans, offers sliding-scale fee adjustments, and does not deny services based on an inability to pay.

TCFS is committed to helping our clients strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities.

Call us today at 630-232-1070, or visit our website at, to start your journey toward emotional wellness.