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Win Big with Daily Fantasy on Yahoo Sports

Jul 22, 2015 03:35AM ● By Family Features
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Fantasy sports fans have a new way to get their game fix. Now, competitors can take their seasonal play to the next level with daily and weekly contests on Yahoo Sports.

For nearly two decades, Yahoo Sports has entertained fans around the world with engaging content, news and fantasy experiences. Building on the popularity of its full-season fantasy leagues, Yahoo Sports is now allowing players to compete in one-day and weeklong contests through the new Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy.

"Daily Fantasy is the perfect complement to traditional season-long leagues,” said Andy Behrens, Yahoo Sports fantasy expert and president of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. “If you missed out on that top player in your fantasy league, grab him in Daily Fantasy and win big in a guaranteed contest. You can even challenge your friends in private contests to prove who's the best fantasy player." 

Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy player or new to the game, Daily Fantasy is easy to play within the Yahoo Fantasy app on iPhone or on any device through your browser. You can set your lineup like a pro with a simplified salary cap and get access to real-time sports news and scores from Yahoo’s fantasy experts.

Users pick a team of players and compete against each other, typically for a cash prize. Like traditional fantasy contests, players accumulate points based on the statistical performance of real-life athletes in real-life contests. But unlike traditional fantasy contests, they last only one day or one week and there’s no draft.

To get started, you need to figure out what type of contest you want to play: guaranteed contests where the winner typically gets paid out big, 50/50s where you just have to be in the top half and everyone wins the same amount, or a private contest in which you can challenge your friends.  

Once you choose your contest, it's time to set your lineup. It looks just like real life, but you're picking players from all of the different games playing that night. Clicking on player profiles gets you the latest information to help guide your decisions.

Then, after your lineup is set, you can watch your scores in real time on Yahoo Sports or the Yahoo Fantasy app.

To get in on the game, go to Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy or download the Fantasy Sports App from the App Store.

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