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Neighbors of Kane County

An education in art

Jul 08, 2015 12:11PM ● By Neighbors Magazines

John Chehak, acrylic

Richard Dlugo, wood

 If I were to play the word association game and someone said EDUCATION, I would immediately say school. However, being educated stretches far beyond the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic in a classroom.

An area, that over the last five years, I have become better educated in is art. Specifically, all the varied types of art there is. My tutelage took place on Third St. in downtown Geneva at the end of July. From watercolor and photography to acrylic and fiber, the artists at Geneva Arts Fair not only display their works of art, but are willing to share their passion behind those works. Knowing the stories of how a particular piece was created or what inspired the artist gave meaning to the item I was about to purchase.

Scott Simmons, glass

 Below is a preview of the exquisiteness you will experience at the 2015 Geneva Arts Fair. Each year, great care is taken to bring quality artists to this juried show. While you may be polished in the topic of art, a quote from a well-known artist, Leonardo da Vinci, encourages you to continue to gain such knowledge. “Learning never exhausts the mind.”

And what better way to learn more about art and its beauty then at Geneva Arts Fair July 25 & 26. More information and participating artists at