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Attend the St. Charles Art Council neXt gallery opening reception

Jul 02, 2015 09:46AM ● By Neighbors Magazines

"Daydreaming" by Doina Iacob

"Behind the Scenes" by Michele Norman

 The St Charles Arts Council’s neXt gallery’s opening reception is on Thurs., July 9 from 5:30-8pm. The gallery’s Opening Reception will coincide with an ART at WORK, sponsored by Wunderlich, which will be across the hall from the gallery. The gallery will be open from Thurs. July 9 through Sun., Aug. 2. 

Artists in the neXt gallery on Main Street are:

Guy J. Bellaver                                     

Jennifer Knoblach                              

Darren Robinson                                    

Robert Krawczyk                                

Jane Callahan                                                   

Robert Krawczyk                                 

Jennifer Ross                                                    

Kathi Kuchler                                       

Tony Carnesecchi                                             

Linda Roxe      

Henrietta DuBois                                              

Hollis Levine                                        

David Simcik                                                    

Lorraine Mahoney                             

Claudia Frost                                                    

Nanette Stephens

Kimberly Gust                                                  

Michele Norman       

John Sternickle                                    

Erik Ohrn

Elizabeth Higdon                                               

Timothy Vail          

Bertram Hoddinott III                                       

Matthew Puchyr                                 

Michael Wallace                                     

Janice Rangel                                       

Doina Iacob                                                     

Fred Zinke

Allen Johnson                                                   

Felicia Raschke                     

Todd Willing

Artists featured at Wunderlich’s ART at WORK are:

Russ Devereaux [spoken word]

Bart Woodstrup [video]

John and Phil LaDeur [music]

303 West Main Street, St. Charles. 

"FDR" by Hollis Levine

 The neXt gallery Pop-Up Art Gallery program is a collaboration that promotes local/regional artists, the SCAC, and the St. Charles business community. The program is called neXt gallery, because you never know where it will pop up next!  The Arts Council encourages building owners, volunteers, art supporters, and art collectors to get involved in this program to support the arts, and encourages artists to contact the SCAC to learn about neXt gallery opportunities.  303 West Main Street, St. Charles.,, 630.443.3794,  

"Tree of Life" by John Sternickle