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Assistance for Batavia Residents due to recent rains

Jun 18, 2015 04:03PM ● By Neighbors Magazines

In the wake of the unusually heavy rains which occurred on Monday June 15, 2015 the City of Batavia will be offering some assistance to residents/property owners who suffered some damage and inconvenience. The 3.7” event caused problems in some areas not seen since the flooding of 1996 and never seen at all in others, despite expenditures since that time on water control measures.

The rain event Monday caused damage throughout the Chicago western suburbs and overtaxed storm systems, detention ponds and local waterways. Batavia was one of the hardest hit in terms of overall volume of rain. Most of these systems are designed for what are denoted as “100-year events” and Monday’s event far surpassed that measurement in terms of the amount of rain falling within a short period of time. By Tuesday morning, most facilities were functioning within normal parameters. Looking forward, for the near future, even moderate rainfall will stress the system as the ground is so saturated it cannot provide the normal relief it affords the area.

The City will give, at NO CHARGE, up to 10 garbage stickers to residents as follows:

1.  If, prior to June 18, 2015 a resident/property owner communicated to the City, including City offices, employees or their alderman, or can show they posted a complaint about this event on social media prior to June 18, the resident/property owner shall be given 10 garbage stickers at no charge.

2.  If, beginning or following on June 18, 2015 a resident/property owner can provide evidence of having been damaged by the events such as receipts for pump rental, dumpster service, photos of damage to interiors of homes (including basements), or personal property, the resident/property owner shall be given 10 garbage stickers at no charge.

Stickers can be picked up at Utility Billing on the Second Floor of City Hall, 100 N. Island Ave (hours M-F 8-5) or Batavia Public Works, located at 200 N Raddant Rd (hours M-F 7-4) beginning Thursday, June 18th through Monday, July 6th at 5 p.m.

If you have questions, please call Batavia Public Works offices at 630-454-2300.
Authorized by the Mayor & City Council