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Neighbors of Kane County

A message from the Mayor of Geneva

Jun 02, 2015 12:41PM ● By Katelyn Nelson

Dear Neighbors,


When Geneva is compared with other communities in terms of quality of life, one critical ingredient considered is the recreation opportunities available to our population.

Geneva, thankfully, continues to rank high on the quality of life spectrum because of the services provided by our friends at the Geneva Park District, Kane County Forest Preserve District and countless private recreational-themed companies. We also benefit from our beautiful environment, which beckons our innate curiosity to explore, experience and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Recreation is something we all value, albeit in different forms. In other words, recreation can be an organized activity (league sports for instance) or entirely organic (walking or running along the Fox River or the trails at Peck Farm Park). Both are essential to a community’s well-being and reputation.

The important thing to remember is that both opportunities are readily available to all of us, regardless of age. To ensure such recreational choices, we invest our tax dollars accordingly and ask our elected and appointed officials to develop recreational value in return. 

In my humble opinion, all the government bodies in Geneva are doing yeoman’s work in this regard.

Imagine a community where active and passive recreation does not exist? I perish the thought, and hopefully you do as well.

So, as the warmer weather settles in in Geneva, take a few moments to enjoy the quality and quantity of recreational opportunities afforded to all of us. I know I will.


My best,


Kevin R. Burns